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Art and Photo Projects

What inspires me

At any given moment, I am working on 15 different art and photo projects at once. Whether it’s writing and publishing my next book, creating cool little things out of wire and found objects, or one of my many photo projects.

My tarot deck has to be one of my most beloved photo projects I’m working on . Click the link below to see how far along I’ve gotten. If you have any incredible ideas for future cards or would like to be on one of my tarot cards, please contact me and let me know what you think! Please keep in mind, not all the tarot cards I’ve created are posted up on this website yet.

The Exquisite Corruption Tarot deck

Exquisite Corruption tarot deck Click on the image to see the deck

The Snail Project

Many years ago, I lived in a house with this amazing “secret garden” in the front yard. It was overgrown with lush plants and trees. It also was the home to hundreds of snails.

When I would come home late at night, I would always feel a terrible ache every time I would hear one of them crunch under my feet on the darkened sidewalk up to my front door. I had to do something.

Check out what I did to make sure no snail got crushed underfoot again…