Major Arcana of the Tarot | The Exquisite Corruption Tarot by Roberto Hogue

Major Arcana of the Tarot

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana in your tarot deck represents major lessons to be mastered on the road of life. These cards symbolize the full range of human existence: integrating the physical, feeding the intellectual, nurturing the emotional, and expanding the spiritual.

Each card in the Major Arcana gives the querent an opportunity to explore strengths and weaknesses, hopes and fears and search deep into the infinite part of the persona. They not only show you the situations that you will come across as you work your way through life, every card in the Major Arcana can help you understand the qualities you will need in order to deal with life’s obstacles.

Each card tells a story of each of the major hurdles we face as we go through our lives and the Major Arcana provides insight (often in hidden messages) on how we can apply each lesson to our lives. The images are meant to entice and spark your curiosity and imagination. Enjoy!

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