Minor Arcana of the Tarot | The Exquisite Corruption Tarot by Roberto Hogue

Minor Arcana Tarot

The Minor Arcana

At first glance, the Minor Arcana represents what we know as the classic playing card deck with some minor changes (knights instead of jacks, inclusion of a page card). Even the card names are different but close. The Cups cards in the tarot deck are the Hearts in a regular deck. The Wands become clubs. The swords become spades. And the Pentacles become diamonds.

Each suit is divided into number cards (ace through 10) and the court cards (page, knight, king and queen). Typically, the court cards represent people who come into our lives and either present obstacles or help. They possibly even weave important influence throughout our daily dealings. Sometimes, the court cards represent aspects of ourselves that we often have difficulty seeing.

The numbered cards represent just about every other human endeavor that we may come across. They are sometimes cryptic in their meanings, but generally are great at shining light on directions we might take in the future. They also help the querent shine a light on our unconscious and even conscious motives and how it could affect other aspects of our lives.

Each suit in the Minor Arcana is connected with the four major “issues” we all face. The Suit of Cups deals with relationships and love; the Suit of Wands deals with our spirituality and intuition; the Suit of Swords deals with our intellect and our desires; the Suit of Pentacles handles our money, our professional lives and the material world.

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