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About Roberto Hogue

An Artist in many realms…

Photographer, Roberto HogueNot just a photographer

From the very beginning, Roberto Hogue has always been in creative fields. He got started as a graphic designer working in print publication and has designed for the YMCA, Mitsubishi, Columbia Records, Rhino Records, and the US Army to name a few. Having a crucial eye for layout and design as well as a strong writing voice, Roberto became the publisher for a monthly arts and entertainment magazine, The Mattress.

Based out of Thurston County, Washington, he grew this publication into six of the surrounding counties with a combined readership of over 40,000. This is where his innovative awareness pushed him to photography.

From here, he set out to find out everything he could about photography and when The Mattress was sold, he became a full-time professional photographer. But actually, it all started with a baby. Some friends from New York were in town visiting with their seven month old and Roberto agreed to do a sitting. From this one photo shoot, he started to get work shooting weddings, parties, and events in New York and LA most notably as the lead photographer for the Democratic Caucus Campaign Committee at the 1999 Democratic Convention in the Staples Center assigned to shoot every big-ticket fund-raising event as well as the Caucus events.

Invigorated by these experiences, Roberto continued his passion by learning every aspect of his craft from large format to digital encompassing almost every type of film and process. Peers and collectors alike all agree that his voice is easily recognizable and undeniable. Flamboyant colors, unbelievable angles and an imperceptible restlessness elevate his commercial work into something worthy of framing.

Photography and design aren’t his only passions. He’s also an accomplished web designer, oil painter, jewelry artist, former opera singer, published writer, relationship blogger, screenwriter and a guy who knows his way around a sewing machine.

Roberto's latest oil painting Roberto’s latest oil painting oil on canvas – 5.5′ x 6.5′

The Seattle Photographer you’ve been searching for

Understanding budgets and deadlines is only a small portion of this business. A photographer not only needs to understand your requirements, but must always offer a little special nuance that turns your photos into something that pulls you and your clients in and holds you there.

Roberto specializes in product photography and fashion photography, which hold the basic tenet of all great photography: take a person or thing and make them look incredible. Add this to great layout and one helluva great eye, and you have yourself a professional photographer!