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Seattle Portrait Photography

Seattle Portrait Photography

Seattle portrait photographyAn Amazing Portrait Photographer!

Portrait photography takes the patience of a watchmaker and the composition skills of a painter. Amazing portraits should capture a little slice of your essence and mischievously hint at all the underlying greatness inside you.

You can’t give away everything! Leave a little room for questions. Give your audience that penetrating desire to want more.

Of course, there’s always my vision and what I want to say in my portrait photography, but once that shutter clicks and the image burns on film. It’s up to the viewer’s own interpretation based on a lifetime of personal experiences to discern what an image really means.

My mantra: capture your soul (and make you look striking), then let the world give it meaning.

Seattle Portrait Photography: The process

I hate hate HATE people portraits that look like they were shot in a studio (even though I’m good at it). Imagine being a photographer that produces the same handful of images over and over (and over) every day of his uninspired career. No wonder many of the Seattle Portrait photographers I know are struggling with some kind of addiction…

portrait photography seattle Unless, I’m going for the senior portrait or “Sears photography studio” look, I’d much rather shoot you in your element. I want to put you in your domain and show how you preside over it. I want to take you out into your city and let the world know that you own it in your own way.

I use all kinds of different methods to light my portfolio shots depending on restrains and the mood we are going for. All of my studio gear is completely portable, easy to set up, and can fit in most locations. All I need is a standard three prong power plug in. Even then, I can use a generator in a pinch.

Seattle Portrait Photography: The Rules

The only questions I will ask you are:

  • What are you trying to say with these images?
  • What word or words should define you in these portraits?
  • Where and how will the final images be displayed?

Each one of these questions has a significant effect on how I shoot your portrait and I will endeavor to show exactly what you are trying to say. If you simply need a standard “real estate agent” portrait shot to paste all over buses, I won’t be able to help you.

However, if you want to portray that you are the only real estate agent in Seattle that can be trusted with the biggest decision your clients will ever face in their lives… then let’s talk.

Seattle Portrait photography is a huge deal. In a town where everyone is judged by their star power, you better shoot for the stars.