My Version of the Tarot

The following pages represent a personal project I have been working on for over a year. It is a full, 78 card tarot deck featuring both the Major and Minor Arcana. As you will see, I am about half way done, not including the several cards I shot in the beginning before I really started to take this seriously.

Each image starts with the original meaning (divination) to the seeker of knowledge (Querent) as told in the Rider-Waite style deck. From this divination, which can be a simple word or phrase, I have tried to create a concept matched with the perfect model or object to portray it's intent.

Admittedly, I have taken vast liberty to reach this meaning in some cases, but each picture has a very personal attachment either to me or to the model. In the beginning, I was just matching pretty pictures up with card names until I realized how precious this deck is to alot of people. Since then it has taken on a new life and, in the end, it's a much better product.

The cards with design and titles represent the finished product. In some cases, you will only see the image. These are either brand new, still in the concept stage, or possible re-shoots. Check back soon to see my progress.

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